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artist friends and partner

Vincent Di Santo, born in Le Havre, entered the conservatory by chance at the age of fourteen (after being pushed a little) and left five years later with the desire to become an actor. At the age of 20, he was accepted at the Bordeaux Conservatory to deepen his art. For two years he devoted himself to new disciplines such as dance, singing and body control through yoga or tai chi chuan. After graduating, he became an artistic director in various ensembles and continued his career as an actor with a one-man show, which he produced for four years, and other theater and film projects. Over the years, he tried many different things and worked with different ensembles as an actor, acting coach or director. In 2020, he started the artistic partnership with T-LAP to realize Franco-German performance projects.  Since then he has been developing his artistic skills and knowledge with a special interest in performance and street art, but also as a theater facilitation.
Theaterlabor Art Productions
Frankfurt am Main
Mitglied laPROF Landesverband freier professioneller Theater Hessen
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