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2019 transposition

TRANSPOSITION – concept description (English)
... to transfer, to transform, to translate, to transport, to construct, to deconstruction, to reconstruct ...

When a player leaves the comfort zone and enters the empty space, he/she is challenged to let go of the familiar forms and structures from the previous context and to allow a direct encounter here and now with himself/herself and the space. In the project we will cross the threshold into the unknown, as we work with movement, dance, sound and language born from the present moment. Varying settings such as alone, in pairs and in groups shall lead to intensive personal and artistic experiences. The journey will be further inspired by the philosophies of BAUHAUS and LABAN.

The artistic concept of transposition plays with the principles of construction and deconstruction. It is about changing realities which appear through translating, transforming and transferring immaterial and material forms within the same space and across different spaces. The embodied vocabularies such as movement and language will be met by architectural thinking, letting the performers be creators both of themselves and of their environment in a constant process of change. The change takes place as the result of transposition. In this sense change itself is not the goal of the action, but the process of material and immaterial translation of the own person in space – in the context of encounter-as-dialogue. This person-space relationship is at the center of the performance:

How do I transpose myself in the encounter with the space (as well as with other persons), or how do I transpose the space itself? In the first case, the performers allow as the starting point that the space determines their action. In the second case, the space is made "coherent" by active change and evaluation. The play takes place in the arena between these poles.

These encounters will take place in public spaces as well as in the studio. In terms of content, the subject of transposition is dealt via formal approaches, and thereby forms of expressions are developed through movement, text components from the performers and stage design elements.

Transposition in the fields of language and music is a change to facilitate understanding or harmony. In the context of our performance work, the fact that the French and German participants come together in a common setting without the reciprocal language skills becomes a challenge and leads to surprising non-linguistic translations and attempts for communication. Creative misunderstandings and multiple interpretations will be our fruitful ground on which the performers connect to and collaborate with each other.

Theaterlabor Art Productions
Frankfurt am Main
Mitglied laPROF Landesverband freier professioneller Theater Hessen
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