2023 STOP!parlez - T-LAP

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2023 STOP!parlez

Summer performance project AQUITAINE/HESSEN

24.08. - 30.08. und 05.-22.09. 2023

More details are soon to come.

Project description

Change processes require the courage to look ahead in order to accept necessary challenges. This also creates uncertainty, because where will the changes lead? There are personal and societal controversies about the right goals, the right paths and arguments about the right decisions. To participate in social processes, it is necessary to make one's own voice clear. Do I trust democratic society to support me and make my voice heard? What helps me to participate and what or who prevents me from doing so? Am I standing in my own way? How do I actually see my role as part of a changing world?

In the logic of contemporary artistic working methods, the project focuses biographically inspired on German-French perspectives of the participants. These are articulated in the process of creation, controversially negotiated and aesthetically presented by means of their own texts, language, bodies. Their starting points and points of view find expression in their diversity and potential difference and lead as a performative collage to a shared group experience in the process and as a performance.

Within the performative experience, French and German pose both linguistic bridges and barriers in the dialogue with the audience. In doing so, the performance seeks a shared experience between the performers and the audience, inviting both to question their own attitudes. Beyond the moment of the performative experience, a continuation and translation of the content-related discussion into one's own life world is made possible.

Within the framework of the events, the dialogue between artists and spectators is deepened through further offerings, e.g. as audience discussions and spatial improvisations during the events.

The concept as a cultural exchange project explicitly promotes networking between prospective and current actors from art, culture and society in the partner countries France and Germany.

Theaterlabor Art Productions
Frankfurt am Main
Mitglied laPROF Landesverband freier professioneller Theater Hessen
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© by Ferenc Kréti
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